Welcome to our Sales page

      Moat Alpacas has a selection of young breeding females , weanlings and potential stud males all sired by renowned studs.

 We offer great value starter groups for those wishing to breed alpacas.

These packages are for anyone looking to begin breeding excellent quality stock, from the great genetics in our herd and offer great value for money.

Alpacas make excellent pets and our pet boys are all halter trained and friendly.

As herd animals they must not live singly, ideally a group of no less than 3. With continued regular handling and titbit treats, they will eat from your hand and go for walks with you!

If you are considering keeping alpacas we would be very pleased to see you for a relaxed, hands on training experience, free of charge.

Every alpaca we sell, comes with its current health/ husbandry record with added information on its character traits.

After sale we are available to support and advise whether over the telephone or at your premises whenever required.

We look forward to helping you achieve your dream !.