Welcome to Moat Alpacas of Suffolk!

Our herd began in 2012 in a very small way, with 3 very elderly non breeding animals.

We now have around 40 alpacas, each one known by name.

It is our aim to breed the best alpacas that we can, helping to continually improve fleece qualities for future generations, without breeding out other important characteristics, such as thriftiness and good temperament.

Fleece quality is measured in terms of fineness, density and lack of guard hair, the prickle factor!

Year on year our cria (young alpaca) improve in quality by careful choice of studs, from world renowned bloodlines.

We are proud to say that many of these home bred youngsters have won prizes in the Show ring.

Having been Dairy and, Sheep farmers, we are accustomed to the husbandry requirements and care of livestock.

Close attention is paid to farm bio-security and the welfare of our Alpacas. All health checks, vaccinations, faecal egg counts, toenail trimming, mineral supplements etc, are done regularly, and a documented history kept of each animal.

All our Alpacas are registered with the British Alpaca Society, and are microchipped.